Product information Heliostats

Control System

Algorithms for high-precision angle calculations of the heliostat mirror to the sun and the target point. The continuous tracking of the mirror is achieved by dynamically calculating the engine speed and a high gear ratio. Thus, no step movements are visible. The Clock is synchronized via the GPS signal or via the Internet and a NTP server.
The control system consists of compact, industrial fit and robust system components for DIN-rail installation. These are either directly in the control box at the heliostats housed or via Ethernet connection in a control room nearby.
The control system is operated via a graphical user interface on a laptop or tablet computer. The integration of the heliostat control in a local area network allows access via W-LAN. With a VPI channel you have also the possibility of remote access.




Lumena Heliostats is made of highly refined materials. The drive components are wear-proof and resistant to varying climatic conditions. The drive components and the gears are conceived to resist wind speeds of up to 180 km/h. The gears are free of backlash.


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